Marketing system introduction

Wisdom Sports Marketing Co., Ltd. is a sports-driven marketing service provider, which builds a sports marketing industry-wide chain service platform, personalized sports marketing solutions, and provides a comprehensive marketing platform for sponsors, resource partners and related industry organizations. The company has a complete marketing system support in every business segment of event operation, venue advertising and sports training, and the growth rate of offline business is stable in the forefront of the industry.

The company provides innovative services such as sports marketing case, brand spokesperson, event sponsor, sports marketing consulting, socialization team and value system to help sponsors and resource partners explore core issues, seek business growth space, expand new opportunities and enhance the highest rate of return on investment!

Event marketing business

Build an event scene marketing network:

From single events to platform products, step-by-step business solutions to meet the various marketing needs of enterprises, to build a multi-dimensional sports marketing matrix for enterprises.

Sports marketing services:

Provide one-stop marketing solutions for enterprises, including: sports marketing case, brand spokesperson, event sponsor, sports marketing consulting, government public relations service, event activity operation service, brand endorsement service.

Professional marketing team:

Proficient in more than 30segment of the innovative marketing team: the core members of the planning team are from the top 4A companies such as Ogilvy & Mather and Blue Label. The 30 expert advisory groups are from the authorities such as CUC, NPC and Peking University.

100% of the service team that the company likes to praise: Serving thousands of companies, the first to define the industry's "6S" service standard, 80% of the team members serve more than 20 customers.

Customer resource advantage

Wisdom Sports Marketing Co., Ltd. has accumulated a large number of customers before entering the sports industry. The customer resources are solid and stable, and the potential for business can be tapped.

The event has more than 700 sponsored customer groups, covering many industries such as automobile, finance, insurance, real estate, aviation, beauty, sportswear, and beverages. The number of customers with long-term cooperation has exceeded 35%, covering the world's top 500 and China. 500.