In 2017, CCTV, Chinese Athletic Association and Wisdom Sports jointly launched the national IP "Run China" marathon series. As a national brand name for national brand competitions and national fitness, "Run China" brings together the most influential city marathon in China, with cultural promotion as its mission, the goal of developing sports and strengthening the people's physique, and the national fitness state. The combination of strategy and patriotism has become a positive energy representative that demonstrates national self-confidence and national self-improvement, and shows the world the charm of Chinese sports culture!

The "Run China" Marathon series has developed to the present, and has already taken a new path for the development of original sports brands with Chinese sports culture genes on the road of creative transformation and innovative development. The "Run China" 2017 season was affirmed by the State Sports General Administration, and was also rated as the top ten news of domestic sports in 2017 by China Central Television. During the operation of the event, the management system of Wisdom Sports Events has been fully upgraded. The “Wisdom Sports Event Management Manual” has become the first management standard in the sports industry to obtain ISO9001 certification, laying a solid foundation for the large-scale development of the Group's business and continuing to lead the Chinese marathon industry.