l  Under the guidance of the "Sports +" strategy, the whole industry chain operation mode integrating game operation, sports marketing, event broadcast, venue operation and sports technology has been formed, and the "new sports circle of sports consumption" will be built to provide quality products and services for Chinese sports consumers.

l The party branch of the group was establishedand the inaugural meeting was held in Beijing headquarters in February.

l "Running China" has been upgraded in an all-round way with three major themes "to Carry Out the Reforms to the End,the Belt and Road and the Beautiful China", telling China`s story and demonstrate the Chinese power.

l Established the national “Smart City National Fitness Alliance” with the National Development and Reform Commission Urban Development Center.

l Co-hosted the "Belt and Road" marathon series with the China Athletics Association, and the first overseas leg was kicked off in Belgrade.

l Announced the launch of strategic cooperation with Beijing Sports and Entertainment Industry Group, and jointly expand the "1000 Venues in 100 City" program.

l A total of 100 city marathons were held throughout the year, including more than 20 events in provincial capitals and first-tier cities, making it the most commercially valuable event platform for China's road running industry.


l Organized by the Central Radio and Television General Station and the China Athletics Association, the "Running China" Marathon Series operated by Wisdom Sports was officially launched at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. 2017 "Run China" "Red Journey" "Reform and Open" a total of 16 stations, in Zunyi City, Yan'an City, Jilin City, Kunming City, Beijing, Shenyang, Nanjing, FuyangCity, Hangzhou City, Qingdao The city, Nanchang City, Changsha City, Fangchenggang City, Guangzhou City, and Shenzhen City were successfully held, with a total registered population of more than 1 million people, and the total number of participants exceeded 400,000.

l Upgraded the race services and launch a series of products such as marathon tour, marathon training camp, exclusive badge, Hyun horse clock, exclusive address book and featured marathon

medals to further improve the running service.

l Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shanghai Chongming District to jointly develop the“sports + tourism” market, jointly build China's first marathon town, and build Chongming District into a world-class sports town.

l Successfully operated the highest level marathon event in Asia, the 16th Asian Marathon Championship and the 2017 Dongguan International Marathon were successfully held.

l A total of 35 marathon events were held throughout the year, serving up to a million runners.


l Wisdom DNA Culture Fund was established. The fund is donated by Ren Wen, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group, and donates 1 million unlimited sale of company shares for 20years each year. The core of Wisdom's corporate culture is “Dare to be the best in the world, and dare to take the heavy burden”. The fund is intended to encourage outstanding employees who practice this spirit.

l The "Belt and Road" marathon series were held jointly with the China Athletics Association, the first leg in China——Shenzhen Baoan Marathon  completed.

l Successfully bid for two consecutive Asian Marathon Championships and won the rights to  organize and operate the 16th events and the 17th in 2019.

l The National Fitness Series was launched in an all-round way, with a series of events including square dance, roller skating,orienteering, chess, sports and dance. The total number of series was 1400, andthe series affected 10 million people.


l “Wisdom Holding Group” officially changed its name to “Wisdom Sports Group”, which marks that the strategic development goal of Wisdom will focus on the sports industry.

l Wisdom sports independent IP products achieve success,event include: Four Seasons Run, CBL Basketball League, Happy Footprint City Walking Conference. The Four Seasons Run is built by the All-China Sports Foundation and Wisdom Sports. Four Seasons Run is the first self-developed fun road running project in China. Blended with 4D high-tech stereo sensory technology, it simulates the changing seasons at multiple angles on the runway.

l The number of the marathon events operated by Wisdom Sports has grown rapidly and has obtained exclusive rights to operate marathons in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Changsha, Shenyang and Kunming.

l Won the 2015 Forbes Best Potential Group Listed Enterprise Award.


l The  “Sports” strategic development plan was proposed to provide sports service products with multiple attributes, versatility and relevance through organic integration with multiple mature commercial fields, forming a “Sports+” operation mode.

l A strategic cooperation agreement was reached with the sports departments of 14 provinces and municipalities to establish the China Volkswagen Sports Competition.

l The China Campus Football Development Alliance,initiated by Wisdom Sports, was officially established.The alliance aims to promote the rapid development of Chinese campus football,

cultivate football talents, and improve the physical fitness of young people.

l Held the world's highest level of dragon boat race International Dragon Boat Federation World Cup with Fuzhou Sports Bureau to promote and popularize Chinese dragon boat culture.

l Wisdom Sports initiated the establishment of China's first sports culture industry fund_Beijing Wisdom Red Earth Sports Culture Industry Investment Fund, which filled the gap in China's sports industry fund.


l Wisdom Sports  listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange with stock code HK01661. It is the first sports culture industry company listed in the international capital market in China.

l The exclusive promotion of the "China Hot Air Balloon Open" was successfully completed in Changzhou and Jiangsu.

l Wisdom Sports established road running industry company to explore the Chinese road running industry market on a large scale.

l Wisdom Sports established sports marketing company to deeply explore the marketing value of China's billions of sports population, help enterprises to convey the spirit of the brand to the public, and provide sports marketing professional services.

l Jointly hosted the City Auto Decathlon Championship with the China Automobile Sports Association, CCTV2 "Car Fashion" program and the national local TV station broadcast program "Drive Fashion".


l Successfully founded the Guangzhou Marathon it marks the era of commercializationand industrialization of the Chinese marathon industry.

l Successfully held the world's highest level of extreme motorcycle racing in Guangzhou - "International Molian Fancy Extreme Motorcycle World Championship".

l The "old-fashioned rally" hosted by Wisdom Sports officially kicked off in Shanghai. The event lasted for five days and promoted the old-fashioned car culture in Chinese.

l Successfully held the "China Hot Air Balloon Open" in Jiangsu Province.