Wisdom Sports Group (01661.HK) is the first comprehensive sports industry group listed on the international market in China. With the operation experience and advantages in the road running industry, it has formed event operation and sports under the guidance of “Sports+” strategy. The whole industry chain operation mode of marketing, event broadcast and venue operation has initially completed the industrial upgrading from the event operation to healthy consumption, providing high-quality sports products and services for Chinese sports enthusiasts.

As the pioneer of China's sports industry, Wisdom Sports Group has taken the lead in entering the Chinese road race market since 2011 and is the pioneer of the Chinese marathon industry. As of 2018, Wisdom Sports has successfully operated more than 200 large-scale urban marathons, becoming the largest industrial operator in China and the world.

In 2017, China Central Television (CCTV), Chinese Athletic Association and Wisdom Sports jointly launched the national IP "Run China" marathon series. "Run China" brings together the most influential city marathon in China. It takes cultural promotion as its mission, aims at developing sports and strengthening the people's physical fitness, and integrates the national fitness national strategy with patriotism to become a national confidence. The positive energy of the national self-improvement represents the charm of Chinese sports culture to the world! Wisdom Sports is also the initiator and operator of the “Belt and Road” Marathon Series, and has already joined the series in several international competitions. At the same time, Wisdom Sports and the National Development and Reform Commission jointly own the “Smart Marathon”, which has been carried out in many places in cooperation with China's smart city construction strategy.

Wisdom Sports Group will adhere to the road of sports industrialization, give full play to its advantages and continue to acquire IP resources for event operations, and create a diversified offline sports consumption scene. Wisdom Sports Group continues to improve the three business models of event operation-site operation-training service, innovate derivative business model, enrich sports service content, integrate industry chain and realize platformization, and strive to create a new sports consumption ecosystem. It is the responsibility of the mission to “wise the mind and beautify the body”. It contributes to corporate Wisdom Sports and corporate responsibility in the development of national fitness for the whole country, and strives to become a top international sports enterprise!

Greetings from the Chairlady / President of the Group, Executive Director 
Founder of Wisdom Sports Group 
Brand China's Top 100 Women 
Master of Journalism, Communication University of China 
The creator of the domestic "sports +" industry development concept 
Senior Vice President / CFO and Party Branch Secretary
Ph.D. of Management, Huazhong University of Science and Technology 
More than 20 years of experience in management of large central enterprises 
served WSG for 6 years 
Head of group financial management 
SONG Hongfei
Group Executive Director / Senior Vice President
More than 100 international sports event management experience
Served WSG for 8 years
Head of group event management
Vice president of the Board / Executive Director / Senior vice president
Co-founder of our group
EMBA degree of Guanghua school of management of Peking University
16 years experience in communication of sports industry and capital market
in charge of investment and financing business