Dear friends,

Thank you for your continued support of Wisdom Sports. I would like to extend my sincere greetings and deep gratitude to you!

The year 2018 was special for Wisdom Sports. In this year, Wisdom ushered in a comprehensive scale development, forming a whole industrial chain operation mode of event operation, sports marketing, event broadcast and venue operation. In the summer of this year's raging fire, Wisdom also passed the fifth anniversary of the listing. In the past five years, it is precisely because of your companionship, with the love and respect for the sports industry, Wisdom has a firm direction and solid progress, and has developed from the pioneer to an important force to promote the development of China's sports industry.

The road of the pioneers is always difficult. In these years, there are regrets and tears, but more joy and smile. We are delighted to see that a marathon not only makes the people move, but also connects the cities together, so that the people can communicate with each other. What is even more inspiring is that on this road, Wisdom has encountered more and more friends who are connected with each other and comrades who walked side by side. Together, we fight for the common dream to build a powerful sports for the nation. Together, we run through difficulties and finally we found the great spiritual power of Chinese sports-running for our nation! 

In this golden year of the development of China's sports industry and the important moment of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, Wisdom will continue to shoulder the mission and responsibility, and develop sports science and technology, sports venues, sports tourism, interactive retail, education and training, etc. Wisdom will also strive to construct the " new ecological circle of consumption", leading the era of national fitness and consumption and a sports oriented lifestyle by providing diverse and professional sports service.

REN Wen Chairlady of Wisdom Sports Group